Coming This Fall: Moran FRAME

February 2, 2021

Thirty-five years have passed since the Moran Power Plant stopped producing electricity on the shores of Lake Champlain. But there’s a new kind of energy on the waterfront this year, as crews work to complete Phase 1 of the Moran FRAME project in Burlington.

The long-awaited redevelopment of the Moran Plant began five months ago, when workers began the delicate work of removing multiple layers of concrete and brick from the 67-year-old structure.

What remains is the interior steel framework – the FRAME – which will become the centerpiece of a decades-long effort to redevelop the northern section of Waterfront Park in Burlington.

But before the project opens to the public, much work remains to be done. A few brick and concrete “scabs” must still come off. The steel frame itself will be repaired and stabilized. Most importantly, hazardous materials will be removed or abated, including asbestos, PCBs, and lead paint. Soils on and near the site must be made clean. Below-ground utilities will be added to support future development at the site.

Then, the fun work begins. The frame will be painted a striking red, using the same paint found on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge – a perfect match for a city often called the “West Coast of New England.” Finally, the entire site will be graded and grassed, making it an ideal spot for a family picnic or catching one of Burlington’s famous sunsets.

The FRAME project is the crown jewel of a years-long re-imagining of the northern waterfront. The immediate area is now home to the Community Sailing Center, the A_Dog Skatepark, and the new Burlington Harbor MarinaSubsequent phases could include public bathrooms, shade structures, viewing decks, or other amenities, depending on public interest and funding opportunities.

The Moran FRAME is set to open to the public later this year.

Seven Days documents the demolition process in this November 2020 video.

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